HKC & Associates, Inc.

 Environmental Engineering and Science 


Our mission is Protection of the environment and preservation of natural resources by implementing engineered solutions to reduce pollution in the water, air and natural habitats.


We work toward a world where rights and dignity of all communities are respected by providing a healthy environment and preserving natural resources.


We are committed to doing what is necessary to preserve the environment feasibly and efficiently.


HKC & Associates, Inc. was established in September 1996 to provide environment engineering and science services to private and public sector clients. Our office is located in Dallas, Texas; although our capabilities are unlimited geographically.

Our staff has successfully completed projects throughout the southern United States, including Texas, California, Florida, Mississippi, and Utah.

HKC & Associates, Inc. (HKC) strives to exceed clients’ expectations by providing superior environment engineering and science services. Based on our understanding of environment issues and clients’ needs, we offer innovative solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Certified Staff

  • Professional Engineer-Texas
  • Professional Chemical Engineer-California
  • Corrective Action Project Managers (CAPM)
  • Registered Corrective Action Specialist (RCAS)
  • Haz Mat Specialist OSHA 40 hours

Our Services

Phase 2
Environmental Site Assessment PHASE II
Sites that had chemical storage facilities or used chemicals in their operations are further investigated...
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Environmental Site Assessment Phase I
HKC performs both Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments for banks to secure loans, developers,...
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Environmental Audits
HKC has conducted several environmental audits at industrial facilities, such as dry cleaners, body paint...
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Remediation Services
Remediation services included soil vapor extraction (SVE) and destruction of contaminants using internal...
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PSH Recovery
Phase Separated hydrocarbons (PSH) recovery by pumping, use of skimmers and sorbent socks. To remove...
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Underground Storage Tank (UST Services) 
Underground Storage Tank Management Our staff has more than 8 years of experience in investigating...
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Environmental Risk Assessment
Our staff has completed several Risk Assessment projects, including Plan A and Plan B Risk Assessments..
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Environmental Site Assessment
HKC performs both Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments for banks to secure loans, developers,...
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Emergency response
HKC responded to serval release incidents of chemicals, and petroleum product.
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What Our Clients Say

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