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During the past six years, HKC & Associates, Inc. has completed more than three hundred environmental and engineering projects. A brief description of some of those projects are included here. Projects have been performed for a wide range of clients and industries:

  • Real Estate Companies
  • Banks
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Gas Stations
  • Hazardous Waste Generators

    Real Estate Companies

  • Performed environmental consulting project at multiple     locations, including Phase I and Phase II Environmental     Site Assessments, Remedial Action Work Plans for     chlorinated solvents impacted sites (both soil and     groundwater), implemented remedial action and     performed remediation and monitoring at four locations.

  • Implemented Remedial Action Plan to remediate     chlorinated solvents impacted soil and groundwater.     Sites are currently in a monitoring program with     conditional closure.

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  • Performed site inspection, Phase I and Phase II     Environmental Site Assessments, at multiple sites to     identify environmental issues with the property and     adjacent properties that might pose an environmental     liability. Researched local historic directories, federal,     state and local databases, researched aerial photos to     identify any past and present liabilities. Presented     recommendations to bank to resolve environmental     issues and liabilities found.

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    Industrial Facilities

  • Performed Phase II investigation, Risk A, and Risk B     Assessments at former underground storage tank     locations. Installed remediation system to remove PSH     floating on groundwater. Installed monitoring wells and     conducted groundwater monitoring. Coordinated     activities with TNRCC PST division.
  • Performed site inspection at petroleum storage tank     facilities to identify deficiencies in the systems and their     operations, prepared recommendations to upgrade the     systems, and developed Spill Prevention and Count     Measure (SPCC) plans for these sites.

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    Gas Stations

  • Performed tank removal activities at several sites to     abate sources impacting the environment. Drilled soil     borings and installed monitoring wells, prepared     technical reports, and coordinated activities with TRNCC.

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    Hazardous Waste Generators

  • Performed consulting functions on complicated     hazardous waste and LPST sites. Provided engineering     expertise, work plans, remedial action plans, and design     of remedial systems.
  • Performed consulting functions on complicated LPST     sites. Provided engineering expertise and work plans.     Performed several health and safety functions at     hazardous waste sites, including dry cleaning facilities.

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